Happy Anniversary Esposa! – A letter to my Esposa Janeli

Dear Esposa Janeli,

On the heels of our one year anniversary of working together on the The Esposa Experience I felt like I needed to let you know a few cosas.

I love you boo! Happy One Year Anniversary!img_0802

As an esposa and mama it can be incredibly difficult to find friends who you have a soul connection with, ones you can TRULY rely on during the really hard times, as well as, the fabulous times, in between times – you get my drift.  While we were friends before we started out esposa journey together, I feel like our friendship grew even more once I joined your mission to blog/vlog about the real esposa experience.

I wanted to say thank you – thank you for bringing me into the Esposa Experience, thank you for always keeping it real, having my back, making me laugh when I couldn’t, being yourself, sharing your heart, twerking in my living room, slaying the camera, calling it like it is – even if I do not understand what you’re saying because it’s in really fast Spanish, trying to teach me the pop sound with my mouth, that I still can’t manage to do, helping me not be too much of an old millennial, and sharing your esposa experiences with me.

I was reviewing photos from our recent photoshoot for Morris Kaye & Sons and I realized how much we, as women and moms, have grown in one year, how much I rely on your point of view, sharing news with you, just venting about life, or how you had to be the first person I had to tell about how Vivian (our vivacious three year old) looked at my boobs while I was changing and said, “You gotta pick those up guuuurl!” (lord baby jesus help me!)

So, while I could go on and on, I’m keeping short and sweet.  As per my usual, I’m drinking a tasty bevie and toasting to us! Cheers to many more wild years of The Esposa Experience and more importantly to our friendship.

Much love,

Exposa Dani



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