Reliving your Boda

As we celebrate our One year anniversary (can we get a “WHOOP!”, no make that a “WEPA!”) we can’t help but realized we never made this thing official! There was no cake, no dancing, no big dresses, no honeymoon…but the we remembered, we’re already married. To men. That we love very much. haha!


It did however make us also realize all the things we did do at our weddings, and regret the things maybe we shouldn’t have done. Why did Janeli need 20 bridesmaids? Maybe Dani should’ve had one less drinky poo (or not).


All this pondering had us thinking what went wrong with you at either your wedding,or,if you’re an Esposa to be, a friends/sisters wedding? What, if anything, would you do differently? Do you have a confesion about your boda?  If you are an Esposa/o to be, what is your fantasy wedding? We wanna know it all! Mostly so we can offer advice as event professionals, but also cause we like chisme.

But seriously we don’t want ya repeating mistakes we made, and want to kow how you either avoid making mistakes at other events, or how you can help your sister, friend, mejor amiga/o at their wedding.

Let us know by either leaving a comment, commenting on our facebook page or sending us an email at Subject Line “Boda Confessions”

We’ll share your “confessions,” regrets, questions, comments etc. on the blog. If you want to be annoynmous, just let us know-we won’t blow your cover 😉




❤ The Esposas

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