“Here’s looking at you, Santikos”

You like my “Casa Blanca” reference?

IMG_0109Dani and I don’t like to stray too far away from home. Unless a client or friend calls, we don’t take the journey out to Alamo Ranch. I like to stay inside my “410 bubble”. But Santiko’s new Casa Blanca theater is SO WORTH THE TRIP!


Our friend Aquila over in Haute in Texas along with Santikos invited us out to the new theater to get a tour and learn about the Legacy of the Santikos family.


One of the reasons I chose San Antonio as my home was the sense of community and charitable souls who live in it. Mr. Santikos is a great example of giving back to the community which gave him a chance to grow his business into what it is today.


The new theater is ENORMOUS. It is Texas-sized entertainment. The first 100% laser projection multiplex theater in the world-you will see every pore on that hottie Zac Efron’s face (yum!).

The fun doesn’t stop in the theater though….


With a 16 lane bowling alley, full-service sports bar, arcade and café….you can spend the whole day up in there!


As if all the splendor of the reclined seats, ginormous aisles (it’s the little things that make us curvy girls happy, right?) and a look at that delish menu, we really got to delve into and reflect on our favorite aspect of Santikos-it’s charitable heart.


Santikos Entertainment is the only theater group which operate as a social enterprise, it’s success directly benefits the community as it is organized by the San Antonio Area Foundation. We got to learn the history behind why Mr. Santikos wanted to leave a legacy and give back to his community, which makes me respect the organization even more and has turned me into loyal patron.


And now, for the good stuff. Santikos has given us some VIP passes to give to our wonderful Espos@s, Espos@s to be, and Solter@s…..so you get a date night on us!


To enter to win, tell us about your favorite movie and why in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We will announce a winner this Friday!

2 thoughts on ““Here’s looking at you, Santikos”

  1. Korinna Serrano Juarez says:

    It’s hard to just pick one movie with choices like Selena, Mean Girls, and Fools Rush In (which came in close to #1). But if I have to pick just 1, I pick The Guardian. It’s an underrated but great story about a high school swim champion who joins the Coast Guard. It also brings awareness to the awesome things the Coast Guard does. I know a lot of people say that Ashton Kutcher isn’t a great actor but if you haven’t seen it, give him a chance in this one.


  2. Stephanie Everitt says:

    My favorite movie is Legally Blonde ❤️ Elle Woods is my spirit animal. Whenever I feel like grad school is getting too tough, I think about her overcoming the odds to get into Harvard and also breaking that blonde stereotype 💁🏼


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