Northside World of Music Open House: May 7th



This Saturday May 7th Northside World of Music will host an open house at 11918 Vance Jackson Road, with food, dancing, performances, and fun for the whole family!

Read more below about this gem of an organization:

I got an invite from local blogger Jeanelly  for a small event showcasing the Northside World Music School. I have been on the hunt to find a place to send my oldest to get guitar lessons he’s wanted since he was a baby.

I asked my mom to tag along, as she’s still new in town and we both need to get out more.

We drove a little ways north onto Vance Jackson, turned a corner and discovered a little diamond in the rough. The Northside World of Music is a new non-profit promoting inclusivity and diversity through music. Executive Director Sujata Venkateswar, spoke with a few of us bloggers about the history of the organization and what’s to come.

What I loved most learning about the organization its mission is to promote diversity and inclusion through the arts. I want my children to learn and appreciate other cultures as well as cultivate any talents they may have. They’re gonna know all about mariachis, cumbias, and reggaeton in the house, it’s up to me to get them out of the house and into other worlds!



The school offers an array of genres to select from, but are still in search of teachers, musicians, singers, etc. willing to share their craft. It’s currently undergoing through a facelift with a large campus plan in the works to better serve students and the community.


If you’d like to know about this organization, how you can help, or enroll in a program visit their website at


(Side bar: the fact that my mom was in a room with 2 “Janelis” or Janeli and Jeanelly really blew who mind…like ya would’ve thought she stepped into the matrix, or something!)

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