I quit my job and followed my corazon

So for weeks-nah-MONTHS I had been hearing my gut tell me that it was time to stop “Talking about it,” and “Being about it.” What “IT” was wasn’t always clear to me, but I knew needed to be my own boss and work on MY vision and craft for me and my family..not someone else’s.

So when I noticed the signs, I chunked up a big deuce and said thanks for ride, but I’m out!

I’m off on a pursuit of my dream to launch a firm with my best friend and mentor. I’m so crazy excited and so nervous cause THIS.CAN’T FAIL.
But when you get 3 Texan Latinas together who get Sh!& done…I find our chances to fail are slim to NADA.

San Antonio is a diamond in the rough of progressive thinkers, arts, business potential, and lifestyle goals…and we wanna blow that ish up! Not literally. I’m way too scared of explosives to even go near a firecracker…but figuratively [Insert: meme of you and me fist bumping and exploding said fist bump into the air]

So cheers to lots of coffee induced meetings, and deadline driven meltdowns.

As Selena said…..”Soy muy….EXCITED!”

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