Hi I’m the Esposa….well trying to be, anyway. I’m just a typical Mexican-American girl from Texas trying to find my way in this limbo of being a Texican, Tejana, Chicana, Mexican, Latina, Hispanic, Spanish-whatever you feel like calling me today… [#thestruggleisrealyall] All while raising a family of 4 kiddos (3 in diapers…typical Mexicans, am I right?) and a nerd who’s totally in love with me.
I’m kind of a disgrace on the Esposa scale… my house is usually messy, I don’t have a single candle with the picture of La Virgen de Guadalupe lying around, and the last time I tried to make enchiladas, I cried and ordered sushi instead.
But I’m trying! OK?!
Todo porque I want my kids to have a Mama at least half as bad ass as mine.

So follow me and my familia on this journey, as I straddle the cultures on either side Rio Grande trying to keep lo bueno (the good) from my roots in Mexico..like, Vicks for example… and marry it to my American Life. Like Brunch!

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