Traveling with your Bebitos-Part 1: Air travel.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned along way while traveling with one, two , or three bebitos.


  • combine suitcases. Use Ziploc bags to separate each day’s outfits and stick the dirty clothes back into the bags to save space.
  • Let your kid’s take their own diapers/toys in a surprise backpack. Making it a gift/surprise they haven’t seen before so kiddos remain enticed and excited throughout your travel day. (Side note: don’t pack bubbles! TSA doesn’t like that) You can stick crayons and stickers in some sandwich/Ziploc bags-no need to buy a new pack of crayons!

Ziploc/Sandwhich bags…ALL DAY,ERRDAY!


  • Check in: take copy of baby’s birth certificate, passport, any other legal forms you may need (check the airlines’ website for more info), but usually just the birth certificate will do.
  • Arrive early. This kinda goes without saying, but the earlier you check into your flight and arrive at the airport, the better. However, if it is not a high volume travel time, don’t arrive too early. You’ll end up stressing yourself out and your kiddo will get bored at the gate, and may just cause a scene you will not be in the mood to deal with.


  • Traveling with 1? I recommend using a baby carrier. You’ll feel more connected with your bebito, and it will be easier than having to take them out of the stroller, compressing the stroller, and lifting onto the conveyer belt whilst your taking your shoes off, putting your iPad in the tray, and juggling the baby/child all at once. If your child can walk, and enjoys walking-then I actually recommend not taking anything at all. Having an extra stroller, which let’s face it, can feel like an extra piece of furniture won’t help you much.
  • Travelling with 2? Then it depends on your travels whether or not to take one-going to a place where there’s no extra hands to hold and wrangle kids? Take it?

Going to visit your mami, tias, primos, etc. Don’t worry about it? Donde hay brazos, hay ayuda, no?

Waiting at Gate

  • socks for crawlers, walk it out, and change them at the beginning of boarding, or right before.


  • take advantage of any priority boarding, even if it costs 25-45 bucks more, it’s often worth it. I recommended back of plane with a window seat.

Plane ride

  • Feed-whether it’s bottle or nursing, or give baby a paci during take off and landing…even if it means skimping out on half the bottle you made at the gate. This sucking prevents ears form getting clogged, discomfort and crying.


  • Don’t be in a rush to get off the plane, unless you have a layover or some sort of deadline. Kids could care less the rush you’re in, and fighting rude passengers AND your babies make for one stressed out mama. Um no, thanks! Take your time ad talk to your baby and prep them for the journey off the plane and out of the airport.

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