date night!

Months ago, my old boss arranged for me to get floor seat tickets to a concert I only dreamed of going to as an awkward teen raging out to rock music in my room sorting through my rhinestone cuffs and plaid skirts..Manson and Smashing Pumpkins!


BONUS: Smashing Pumpkins are on of Esposo’s favorite bands!

So my mom volunteers to watch the kids for the night (SCORE!) and we have our first date night in months!

We head to a cool spot close to the venue, a tiny little bar with the best bar food I’ve ever had. Being married to a guy about 5 years older, who’s seen a lot more of the world than me, it’s nice when a place is new to both of us. Experiencing new things together as a couple is normally just fun, but I don’t get to do it much with him, because like I said, he’s seen it all!

Forever holding hands

Forever holding hands

The place was frozen in time: 60’s decor and old vinyl records turned into tables tops. The jukebox is so old, only the lights work. It was awesome.

So we grab some drinks, and head to the venue, miss the first few Manson songs-which was OK, cause neither one of us went for Manson….but the songs we did catch were his classic and we jammed out.

Then the Smashing Pumpkins came on, and were AWESOME.

We stopped in line to grab some merch, and I saw a glimpse of the 13 year old hubby…awkward and totally geeking out over new shirts, hats, etc. It was really cute.

Anyway…go and try something new with your Espos@. If you hate it…so what? At least you’ll be hanging out with your favorite person.

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