My mom is MAGIC


Earlier this week, I dropped the baby off at my mom’s place, while I went to pick up hubby and kiddos from work.

Upon my arrival following convo happens:

Mom: “Mi’ja [Daughter], Que hago para cenar [What do I make for dinner]?”

Me: “Well…You’re boiling chicken”

Mom: “Yeah, but that’s just cause I didn’t want tit to go bad…le hizo para guardar [I did that to put it away/save it]”

Me: “Well use it, I’ll help you when I get back”

Mom: “Bueno pues [Ok, then]”


I leave at 3:45 and get back about 4:45 (took me longer than expected) and TODO ESTA LISTO! [Everything is done!] We come back to a mini FEAST…not shown in the video: tortillas, tostadas, frijoles [beans]….C’MOOON!

AND she made a little fruit spread, because she knows my boys are little fruit bats….all this WHILE she is taking care of the baby.

Do you know what I can manage in a 1 hour time lapse alone with my 5 month old? KEEPING HER ALIVE! That’s what.

So my husband…my poor sweet husband, who deserves the world…comes to my mom’s house and has this FEAST waiting for him, and is probably weeping tears of joy from this delicious food he never gets at his own house.


The standard is set….and like the rent in NYC…it’s just too damn high.


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