My First Brazilian…

My First Brazilian…

Was the most exhilarating of my hair’s lifetime!

The fact that my hair has experienced a mirage of colors, cuts and styles would be an understatement.

Luckily my hair and mental health are brilliantly managed by the best hair stylist in town – Nichole Dawn!  I, like many women, have an intrinsic need to have a serious, long term, vanity-filled relationships with her hairstylist. She becomes your bestie, confidant, and overall brand stylist.

One day as I was sitting in the hair chair, dishing on the latest chisme, drinking prosecco and catching up with Nichole, she highlighted my life with “The Brazilian”, a gorgeous hair transformation which would make my mane shiny and new. Because Lord knows I wear my feelings in my hair, and literally looked like the craziness that was 2016.  This girl needed a major boost!

And so began my first foray into the luscious and tantalizing world of the Brazilian Blowout a la Nichole.

It’s an intense process, but worth every second. Nichole broke it down and made it incredibly enjoyable.


The Brazilian Process:

Step 1: Wash all the nastiness out of your hair. Nichole used the acai berry Brazilian Blowout formula to rinse the grunge and frizz away.

Step 2:  Nichole then stands on her feet for about an hour blow drying my locks and placing serious Brazilian Blowout chemicals into the hair, strand by strand, whipping the frizz and dullness into submission.

Step 3:  Then she takes her hot ass flat iron and gets to work on all those strands she just whipped into submission. Here’s the big tip: Depending on how wild, thick, wiry, frizzy or messed up your hair is, each strand can be flat ironed up to 12 times for the maximum de-frizz effect. The more iron smashes, the more luscious your locks will become.

In my case, I have pretty straight hair, not too thick, but a bizarre burnt frizz occurs       after every wash – no matter the product. Nichole only took a few turns of the flat iron to ensure I wouldn’t have flat hair.

After Nichole flat ironed my crazy hair, I could already see a major difference! It was as if with one twirl of the hair chair I suddenly had the gorgeous shining, soft, bouncy God gave me at birth.  Maybe Nichole really is my fairy Godmother!

Step 4:  Next Nichole had to do it all over again! Poor darling! She had to shampoo and condition my seemingly angelic hair, again, with the Brazilian Blowout Products I would later take home with me. She massaged the loveliness into my scalp and I could feel the divine sensation of beauty scrubbing into my head through her beautifully talented little fingers.

Step 5:  Nichole took my hand, led me to the hair chair for a final blowout and what usually takes at least 25 minutes with blowdrying and flat iron, took maybe 7 minutes max! SEVEN MINUTES MAX! I could feel the glitter pouring from the ceiling of Salon Boutique… All I needed to do now was sashay my way down the hall, give a sassy hair flip and a wink to the queen in the next salon chair and my transformation would be complete.


In all seriousness though, one visit to my favorite hair stylist / bestie, changed my entire mom hair vibe! My hair was finally bouncy, frizz-free and so light I could barely think straight. And all she used was a blow dryer! No flat iron, curling rod, curlers, curling iron, hair spray, or mousse. Just a blow dryer….

My first Brazilian was a tantalizingly happy experience! While I know my hair was feeling fabulous, I honestly left feeling like a new woman.

So, if your hair is in need of an unforgettable experience – you need to call Nichole – ASAP!

Call The Gorgeous Fairy Godmother of Hair: Nichole Dawn 210-379-0591

Because damn! This hair is just too fabulous not to share! Get in that chair and let the Brazilian vibe make you feel like a new woman!

P.S. Nichole is also a single mom-preneur making her way in the world with God in her heart, razor sharp shears,  amazing talent and a true passion for hair fashion.  She’s a queen, girl boss and overall bad ass in my book.

Sending everyone love and glitter,

Esposa Dani

Brazillian 3.jpg

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